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Hand painted drawer knobs

Unique hand painted drawer knobs to add a finishing touch to any dresser.

Each knob measures 1 1/2" and comes with the appropriate 1 1/4" screw. I applied 3 coats of clear polyurathane on each knob after painting for durability.

I have many different designs including rainforest,  jungle, sports, butterflies, princess... if you are looking for a particular design please let me know and I would be very happy to custom design you a knob.

Please contact me for the specific number of drawer knobs mysweetdreamsart@yahoo.com

Zanzibar set of 8 hand painted knobs $58.00 


Rainforest set of 8 hand painted knobs $58.00 


Zanzibar set of 3 hand painted knobs $22.50



Sports theme set of 3 knobs $ 18.50



The following knobs are available individually or as a set, just let me know how many you would need. Please contact me at  mysweetdreamsart@yahoo.com


Pink Butterfly $7.50 


Purple Butterfly $7.50


Mocha Dots $7.50 


Princess Castle $7.50                  Princess Crown $7.50



Rainforest    (Tucan, Monkey, Snake, Frog)    $7.50 each

Lion $7.50

Skull and Bones $7.50

Happy caterpiller $7.50

Zebra black and white $7.50

Red Mushroom $7.50



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