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About Julie

Julie has been creatively experimenting with art for many years, but it wasn't until the last 7 that she became more serious about her artisit endeavors. She mostly focused on abstract, modern and contemporary landscapes and began selling online in retail stores and to friends and family.

Just recently Julie and her husband had a baby girl, and this has inspired her to start up her new buisness venture My Sweet Dreams Art. She started with creating fun animals on her daughter's wall, and then began designing unique pieces to give to friends. Now her shop consists of girls and boys personalized art, wall letters, hand painted drawer knobs and custom hair clippy/bow holders. Julie loves spending time with family and creating her art enables her to spend more time with her loved ones because she can work from home.

Julie looks forward to creating each new piece.

For any information please contact Julie at:  mysweetdreamsart@yahoo.com


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